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Construction and landscape vacant position in Dubai

Dubai is located in hot climate, which is about arid zone of the world, but there are also green patches or developed garden because of construction and landscape experts. Dubai advertises various types of construction and landscape developer jobs on different categories. Construction and landscape vacancies are usually advertised by municipal city development authority or government institutions, similarly these jobs also announced by landlords or organizations. Dubai construction and landscape jobs normally advertise for the following positions like construction and landscape labor jobs, construction and landscape architect jobs, construction and landscape horticulture jobs, construction and landscape construction jobs, construction and landscape gardener jobs, etc. These professionals make the arid zone an aesthetic landscape according to the desire of owner. Construction and landscape job offers fantastic salary package along with other basic facilities. All these constructions and landscape jobs are advertised by city development authority, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes and other private owners to maintenance their gardens and green areas. These jobs are filled by the experienced and seasoned individuals from different parts of the world. There are few jobs which are common and required by different authorities like gardeners and horticulturist jobs in Dubai.

Project Manager – Construction & Landscape

Category : Construction & Landscape
Location :

We need Male Staff for city of Dubai. Salary is AED 10001-15000 if you are interested submit your application at recticc@gmail.com. this is Full-Time job you have Left 8 Month 1 Days to apply fo this job. we highly appreciat overseas applicants as well. The hiring will be done totaly on merit without any discremination.

Listing Date : 09 October 2017